The Ancient Relics

Dangerous relics scattered about Aelyndia


Six powerful items scattered about Aelyndia


The Keys

When Ala’shar was sealed in the Void Between the Worlds, he was locked away with three Keys. The Keys were wielded by three of the Guardians, one of them being Artumyn himself. They poured large parts of their powers into making the Keys, but Artumyn fears it might not have been enough.

The Keys took the shapes of unseen stones held in obsidian boxes. The boxes have no lids or hinges, so it can be assumed they can only be opened with magic. If the three Keys are ever brought together, the Void could be opened and Ala’shar released.

The three Keys were given to three of the Guardians, though it is unknown who all had which Keys. It is known that Aldas Pendor, a human, was charged with guarding one of the Keys, however. Uri Clearwater tricked Buzz into stealing it for him, and it was later found in the lair of the Black Hand in Oris. Baa’lam had another Key in Aekia, but Brell Stormforge was able to rescue it. It’s unknown who was charged with its protection.

Maelin’s Fury

When the terrible weapon known as Maelin’s Fury was destroyed, the three shards were each given to the three remaining Guardians. If the shards were ever reunited, the blade could be reforged and the wielder would be practically unstoppable.

It is known that Damas Redthorn, a human, and Furor Bloodiron, a Dwarf, each had a shard. The party was able to secure Redthorn’s shard, but Baa’lam is currently in possession of the other.

Remaining Relics

There’s still one Key to be found, and one shard of Maelin’s Fury. Since the owner of the shard that Baa’lam stole is unkown, there are three Guardians left to investigate: Dalek Quicksilver, a Halfling, Saroth the Cunning, a wizard, and L’arik Ambrose, also known as the Sparrow. Who has what remains to be seen.

The Ancient Relics

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