Weston Clearwater

Mayor of Dunnel, descendant of Aldis Pendor, and father of Uri.


Weston Clearwater is the mayor of the town of Dunnel, and grandson of the hero Aldis Pendor. Weston’s mother, Lydia Pendor, as directed by her father Aldis, chose to abandon Pendor Keep within the forest north of Dunnel, and experience a reasonably quiet life in the town itself. She married an influential businessman within the town, Devlin Clearwater, and settled into her new life. Weston was the couple’s only child.

Weston himself, along with his wife Andona, have only one child, Uri Clearwater.

Lydia Clearwater had been commissioned by her father to protect an artifact of The Dark Wars. This item, a small obsidian box, had been entrusted to Damask for safekeeping by the fallen Guardians. The artifact was in turn passed to Weston, who kept the item locked within a wall safe in his study. When Weston later became suspicious of his ambitious son Uri, who expressed a surprising amount of curiosity regarding the family history, he had wards placed upon the safe which prevented any other member of his own bloodline from being able to detect the obsidian box while it was secured therein. Uri, acting under the assumed name of Rone, consequently employed the traveling thief Buzz Burrfoot to retrieve the artifact, and quickly left Dunnel behind. It was later learned that Uri was acting in cooperation with his dark master, Baa’lam.

Weston Clearwater

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