The Party

A group of friends bound together by courage, trust and destiny.


The party is a group of friends making their way across Aelyndia, battling the forces of darkness wherever they go. It is believed that they are the second incarnation of The Guardians.


The party first took shape in the mountain settlement of Briarwick Hollow, where Buzz Burrfoot and Gai’tan Shadowstar met. The two were briefly joined by, Abbiel a troubled cleric from the city of Silverhaven.

Unfortunately, soon after this trio was formed, it split, with Gai’tan remaining in Briarwick Hollow, Buzz heading southwest to Dunnel and Abbiel heading northwest to Vemish. On the road to Dunnel, Buzz met Zaranthar (identifying himself as Zaranthar the Magnificent), and the eccentric wizard invited himself to join the party. The two of them soon met Durgan Ombrose, an Elf ranger, and Novan Beregoth, a Dwarf warrior. The four of them stormed Pendor Keep in force, and Novan tragically lost his life. However, through this noble dwarf’s sacrifice, the party met Brell Stormforge, who would quickly become a valued and beloved member of the group.

For reasons unknown, Zaranthar decided to leave the party and strike out on his own. The remaining three members, Buzz, Durgan and Brell, made their way to the city of Oris. There, they were reunited with Gai’tan. It was also in Oris that the party acquired the assistance of Jayce Alirum, a mercenary and former member of The Black Fist who was hired by Durgan to assist the group. Lastly, Buzz utilized his magic ring to gain the friendship and allegiance of Claws the Mighty, a dancing bear who would prove to be an invaluable addition to the party.

Eventually, the party made its way to Aekia, attempting to locate an important relic. Along the way they met Ezera, an Elven lass of high blood and high spirits. She aided them in their struggles against the Brotherhood of Vahl and joined them in the Crystal Tower. There she departed to tell the Elven people of the party’s struggles.

Following a later adventure in the city of Swords Crossing, Jayce left the party suddenly for unknown reasons. He was seen speaking with a guard in the employ of King Dorian Wrynn, and seemingly vanished overnight.

As it currently stands, the main party consists of:
Buzz Burrfoot
Gai’tan Shadowstar
Durgan Ombrose
Brell Stormforge
Claws the Mighty

Past and scattered members consist of:
Jayce Alirum

The Party

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