The Burrfoot Clan

The Burrfoot clan have deep roots in Aelyndia. They're known by their motto, "Never cross a Burrfoot."


Halflings are a gentle and peaceful folk as a rule, and this is certainly true of the Burrfoot clan. However, don’t be fooled by their jolly dispositions and small stature; they’re as hardy as any of the larger races and they take orders from no one. The clan is one of the oldest in Tylandale, the largest Halfling settlement in Aelyndia. Some say the clan is as old as the continent itself. They’re held in high regard by many in Tylandale and the surrounding countryside.

The current patriarch of the clan is the respectable Bark Burrfoot. He leads the small council that governs a large portion of Tylandale known as the Grove. The Burrfoot clan has called the Grove home since before recorded history began. As well as leading this council, Bark runs a large farm. He is a master farmer, growing dozens of crops every season.

The current matriarch is the beloved Bianca Burrfoot. As intelligent as she is beautiful, Bianca has never met a man she couldn’t charm. That was, of course, until she married Bark. She is knowledgeable in medicine, though she’s no cleric, and helps care for the Grove’s ill. She’s also the village’s unofficial veterinarian, caring for as many animals as she can. While her husband tends to his fields, she can often be found mending a child’s broken arm or acting as midwife to one of the farm’s sows.

Bark and Bianca were blessed with seven sons: Bark Jr., Buck, Burr, Buzz, Bing, Bang and Bean. Bark Jr., being the eldest, took his responsibilities very seriously. He was almost as gifted as his father in the fields, and he was the jewel of his mother’s eye. He was adored by his younger brothers, especially Buzz. The two of them were thick as thieves. Tragically, Buck Jr. was killed when he was only forty-five. He had taken Buzz out fishing, when the two of them encountered an Elf. Buzz begged Bark Jr. to introduce him to the strange being, so Bark chased after him. No one knows exactly what happened next, but several hours later Buzz found Bark Jr., dead, with an Elvin arrow in his side. The event scarred Buzz and devastated the entire clan.

Buck loved being older than his younger brothers. He ordered than about whenever possible, often being told off by Bark Jr. When Bark Jr. died, Buck was suddenly the oldest brother. The pressure on him to take up where his brother left off was crushing. He mainly coped by tormenting his siblings. He and Buzz had an especially hostile relationship.

Burr was the third born. He loved working the field with his father, and while Bark Sr. loved all of his sons equally, Burr was arguably his favorite. The two of them were practically inseparable.

Where Burr seemed destined to follow in his father’s footsteps, it seemed Buzz was destined to follow in his mother’s. He adored every animal he met, and kept as many pets as he could. Being directly in the middle of all of his brothers, Buzz always felt a bit left out. Growing up, Bark Jr. was his hero. He saved Buzz from Buck’s tormenting and always took time to acknowledge the little Halfling. After Bark Jr. died, Buzz began acting out. He noticed that stealing things brought him an amount of attention, which he was desperate for at that time, so he made a habit of it. Soon he realized he had a natural gift for thieving. Buzz stayed in the Grove for as long as he could, but eventually decided to strike out on his own. The memory of Bark Jr. was everywhere he looked, and coupled with Buck’s torturing it was more than he could take. He was the first Burrfoot to leave the Grove in over a hundred years, and this caused a bit of an uproar.

Bing and Bang, commonly referred to as the Twins, were the fifth and fourth born, respectively. They spend most of their time together, exploring the woods around the Grove and getting into mischief. After Buzz left they began helping their mother with her responsibilities. Buzz’s departure had hurt their mother and father deeply, and the Twins did their best to ease their pain.

Bean was the last Burrfoot child of his generation. He was conceived shortly before Bark Sr.‘s death and has no memory of the eldest Burrfoot son. Bark and Bianca did their best to group their children into pairs: Bark Jr. with Buck, Burr with Buzz, Bing with Bang. Even their names were supposed to go together. Through this, they hoped none of their children would ever be alone. They would always have someone they could go to. Unfortunately, they didn’t plan on Bean. He was the odd one out. As such, he became a bit of a loner. His mother doted on him and spoiled him whenever she could, but he always felt a bit left out. He’s a bit of a book worm, and is never without some borrowed book or another in his hand.

The Burrfoot clan has celebrated a thousand victories and endured a thousand losses in the Grove. Their roots run deep in the countryside, and they have earned their place in Aelyndia.

The Burrfoot Clan

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