The Blue Lady

An ancient Sea Serpent of massive power and strength.


The Blue Lady currently dwells in Lake Aekia. How long she’s lived there or how she came to call the Lake her home is unknown. The Lady has had an enormous impact on the culture of Aekia, and proved instrumental in eliminating the threat of the Brotherhood of Vahl.


Early Life

No one knows for sure how the Blue Lady came to dwell in Lake Aekia or how long she’s been there. She had a massive effect on the city of Aekia, to the point where there’s even an inn named after her. Though stories of her had been told since time out of mind, there were some who thought she was only a legend. She was highly reclusive, and before the party arrived there weren’t many who had truly laid eyes on her.

There were many stories about her; some claimed she had an undeniable attraction to magical items, which could be used to lure her in. Some claimed she was a monster who ate any unlucky enough to traverse her waters, and still others claimed she was the lake’s peaceful guardian.

Shortly after the party arrived in Aekia, they learned of the Lady and the legends surrounding her. Buzz and Ezera spoke with an eccentric fisherman who claimed to have seen the Lady as a boy; he’d dedicated his life to proving she was real.

The Brotherhood of Vahl

When the party made their way to the Temple in the center of the lake, they had their first encounter with the Lady. She gave them a speed boost, propelling their enchanted boat faster than they could row. This saved them; if they’d continued along at their own speed, the ferry of the Brotherhood of Vahl would have intercepted them and the party’s plot would have been ruined.

The connection between the wizard Artumyn and the Lady is unknown, but it was revealed by the ancient wizard that the Lady owed him a favor. He called on this favor after opening a portal for the party to escape through; it was later made clear that the Lady had been asked to completely destroy the Temple. It was clear she was more than capable of doing this, with her immense size and strength.

The Lady revealing herself in such a grand manner only fueled the revolution surging through the streets of Aekia. Where she stands with the city is unknown, but it’s clear she has their respect.

The Blue Lady

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