Riza the Risen

Former lord of the Gnolls, revered by his subjects.


Riza the Risen was a massive Gnoll who ruled supreme in the caves outside of Trail’s End. His followers had an almost religious view of him.


Early Life

Little is known of Riza’s history. He clawed his way through the ranks of the Gnolls of Trail’s End until he reigned supreme as the Alpha Dog. It was he who, along with an enslaved Troll, lead the Gnolls into the Hag caves and took possession of her home. There he sent out raiding parties, terrorizing Trail’s End and any travelers that crossed their path.


At some point, Riza fell. The exact circumstances are unknown, but his death did not last. One of his underlings had gotten his claws on the Hag’s Regeneration Orbs and used one of them to resurrect the Alpha. This is where the “Risen” part of Riza’s name come from.

The legend of Riza’s incredible return to the land of the living quickly spread throughout the Gnoll community, and he was regarded with an almost religious awe.

Second Death

Riza’s reign lasted until the party arrived to reclaim the caves for the Hag; He was quickly cut down by Gai’tan. Buzz was able to stop the underling from resurrecting the beast again, and this time Riza stayed dead.

Riza the Risen

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