Miss Polly

A sultry minx who stole Buzz's heart in Oris.


Polly’s only a few inches taller than Buzz, making her extremely small for an adult human woman. Known details about her are few and far between, but Buzz remembers her with teal eyes, tanned skin and long, blonde hair.


Next to nothing is known about Polly’s back story. The party first encountered her in the city of Oris, where she was working as a prostitute in the Dancing Bear Inn. She stole Buzz heart at once, by stealing his money pouch. Later the two of them would dance a mighty jig and retire to her chambers.

While the inexperienced Buzz might not be the best judge of these sorts of things, he thought she was an excellent lover. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that Polly had given him a venereal disease of some sort. The effects were only temporary, and they did nothing to damper Buzz’s budding love for Miss Polly. Though the two only spent around an hour together, Buzz has declared his undying love for Polly on multiple occasions.

Buzz hopes Polly is still safe in Oris, but no one knows for sure. He never got to say goodbye to her, and he hopes she’s forgiven him for this.

Miss Polly

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