Furor Bloodiron

A legendary dwarven cleric, entrusted with the protection of a powerful relic.


Furor Bloodiron was a holy dwarven cleric and a vital member of the legendary party known as the Six which aided The Guardians during The Shadow War. Bloodiron’s party was responsible for the defeat of the powerful madman known as Xarax near the end of these conflicts. The dwarf was entrusted with the protection of a shard of the magic sword known as Maelin’s Fury, an evil weapon formerly used by Xarax to carve destruction across Aelyndia.

After the Six disbanded in the wake of the Shadow War, Bloodiron eventually chose to go south to the Divorn Mountains rather than return to his home in the Kingdom of Stone, as many of his dwarven kin had very little acceptance of the cleric’s tendency to work openly with the other races of Aelyndia. In these southern mountains, Bloodiron made it his business to provide protection and council to the simple people of the nearby lands, and became known as “the Voice of the Mountain” to those brave enough to seek him. The dwarf wielded a mighty hammer and wore shining plate mail which had the magical ability to strike fear within the hearts of his foes.

Bloodiron was eventually captured by a band of ogres and goblins from within the mountains, striking back after years of defeat at the hands of the noble dwarf. Despite an attempted rescue by the party, Bloodiron died shortly after restoring life to the fallen Buzz Burrfoot, and informing the party that he had hidden the relic entrusted to him beneath the temple of Solitas on Lake Aekia.

Furor Bloodiron

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