Drake and Darana Stoneseeker

Originally from Dunnel, these criminals are on the lam in Aelyndia.


A dreadful couple who originally hailed from the town of Dunnel. They’re crafty and cunning, and will do anything to come out on top.


Originally from the town of Dunnel, Drake loves Darana almost as much as he loves himself, and vice versa. Drake made himself a fortune by loaning money in the small village. One of his most favorite client was the Widow Wicklow; he had her so far in debt she didn’t know which way was up.

The Stoneseekers seem to have no empathy or compassion for those around them; when it was clear Dunnel had dried up, they decided to leave. They knew they wouldn’t be able to leave town without encountering the Kenku and their dreaded Kobalt servants. But, ever the crafty she-snake, Darana had a plan. She asked Kale, one of the few good men left in Dunnel, to escort the couple through the Kenku’s forest. When the terrifying Bird-Men inevitably ambushed them, they sacrificed the unwitting Kale in order to save themselves. It was later revealed they’d also stolen almost all of the town’s money.

Their treachery doesn’t stop there; on their way out of town, they met Buzz Burrfoot. The na├»ve Halfling had no clue how dastardly they were, and even helped them load their luggage onto a waiting carriage. When he later learned of the couple’s deceit, he swore an oath of vengeance. He paid the ransom the Kunku demanded for Kale’s return and wrote a letter to the authorities in Vemmish, where the Stoneseekers were thought to have fled. As of now, it’s not known whether they were apprehended or if they’re still at large.

Drake and Darana Stoneseeker

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