Damask Redthorne

A legendary human warrior, entrusted with the protection of an ancient relic.


Damask Redthorne was a human warrior and a vital member of the legendary party known as the Six which aided The Guardians during The Shadow War. Redthorne’s party was responsible for the defeat of the powerful madman Xarax near the end of these conflicts. The warrior was entrusted with the protection of a shard of the magic sword known as Maelin’s Fury, an evil weapon formerly used by Xarax to carve destruction across Aelyndia.

After the Six disbanded in the wake of the Shadow War, Damask Redthorne returned to his home city of Oris in glory. A very charismatic individual, Redthorne was almost universally loved. He was named Protector of the City by residents and council alike, and thereafter lived and even governed as a lord in all but name, much to the dismay of the king, who felt his true power waning after the bloody war.

When the death of the legendary hero drew close, Redthorne had a change of heart. Though he had been blessed with a loving family, he insisted that Oris be returned to its former system of governance, an elected council working in unison with an appointed Consul. Viewed as a true act of nobility, this decision caused the people of the city to love the Redthorne name all the more. The hero was buried in an elaborate family tomb, which was said to have special wards placed upon it to protect it from evil ever after. In truth, Damask had ensured that the ancient shard of Maelin’s Fury was buried at his side, and a protector known as a Crypt Thing was created to guard to vault against intrusion. Furthermore, the tomb was sealed, and it became known to the city that the last order of Damask Redthorne was that his resting place remain undisturbed until the end of time.

Currently, Damask Redthorne has only one known living descendant, his great-granddaughter Celes Redthorne. Though not true nobility, the beloved status of her ancestor has led the citizens of Oris to casually refer to Celes as “Lady Redthorne.”

Damask Redthorne

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