Claws the Mighty

A king among bears and a dear friend.


Claws is a black bear, and stands approximately 7’. He must weigh close to three hundred pounds.


Early Life

Little is known of Claws’ early life. When the party met him, he was the titular bear of the Dancing Bear Inn in the city of Oris. He was owned by a massive man who appeared to be drunk all of the time. He was a masterful dancer, swaying from side to side with the grace of a ballerina. When the party came into conflict with the guards of Oris, Buzz used the magic ring given to him by Artumyn. This ring made Claws feel instantly friendly towards Buzz, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. His former owner was shot in the lung with an arrow, tragically. Claws becomes saddened to this day when Buzz asks him to dance.

Life With Buzz

Once Claws had joined the party, he immediately began pulling his own weight. He’s been known to single-handedly take down foes, such as a giant spider that temporarily paralyzed Buzz at Trail’s End. His Claw/Claw/Bite/Hug technique is legendary. He’s had some close calls, such as when a troll through him against a wall or an evil furrier offered Buzz a hefty reward for his hide. But in the end, Buzz always comes through for him and vise versa.

But Buzz and Claws’ life together isn’t all fighting. They’ve been known to be a little too rowdy together, but they’re always fun! Claws also enjoys playing with Brindle, Buzz’s pony, and the other members of the party.

During the party’s stays in Aekia and their encounter with the Brotherhood of Vahl, Claws encountered wave after wave of the undead, and the experience took a toll on the bear. He now has streaks of white through his fur, and it’s very difficult for him to be faced with any sort of undead being.

Klaus the Mute

The Hag of Trail’s End rewarded Claws for his assistance in doing her will. He was given a magical collar that, when activated, can give him the appearance of a large, mute man. The illusion is only temporary, but has come in handy many times. For instance, an innkeeper might not like the idea of a bear staying in one of his rooms, but he’ll be fine with a large man renting a bed for the night.

When in this disguise, the party refers to him as Klaus the Mute.

Armor, Riding and Training

As a former performer, Claws picks up new tricks easily. He’s currently mastered “stay,” and “attack,” both of which were taught by Buzz. Buzz is attempting to teach him “guard,” and “follow,” at the moment.

At Trail’s End, Buzz encountered a team of Dwarves who rode their battle bears to victory. This inspired grand plans in Buzz, and the Dwarf taught him to ride Claws. He even lent him an old saddle that fit perfectly. Claws is much too slight for traditional armor, but Buzz has fashioned him a helmet from the Halfling’s own old leather armor. The Gnome Sprocket also made Claws a set of custom silver claws, which can be strapped on. These will surely come in handy if the party encounters any werewolves or beings of a similar ilk.

Claws the Mighty

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