Buzz Burrfoot

Halfling Warrior Thief, fearless defender of what he believes is right.


Buzz has chestnut skin, hazel eyes and brown hair with streaks of white running through it. He stands at 3’10", weighs approximately 58 pounds and is roughly 32 years old. In Halfling years, this makes him quite young. With 30 Hit Points, Buzz is solidly built and capable of pulling his own weight in combat.

Buzz specializes in fighting with his short sword and daggers, which he can stab with or throw. He’s also deadly with his magical Sling of Seeking, which formerly belonged to a treasured Halfling folk hero. Buzz is never without his Ring of Animal Friendship, which was given to him by Artumyn. He also never removes his Medallion of Protection, given to him by Furor Bloodiron to prevent possession by any foreign entities.

He has three scars running down his face from where a Gnoll clawed him, and his throat is heavily scarred from where a Wolf ripped it out. He has a deep scar on his right thigh from when a Goblin guard speared him and another deep scar on the left side of his upper back from where a member of the Black Hand backstabbed him. Buzz also has perpetual dark circles under his eyes and streaks of white running through his hair, which appeared after he died and was resurrected in the Divorn Mountains.


Early Life

Buzz was born a mere thirty-two years ago to Bark and Bianca Burrfoot. Like every other member of the Burrfoot clan, Buzz grew up proud in the Grove, the largest village in Tylandale.

As a child, Buzz was happy. He worked with his mother, caring for sick animals on and off of his father’s immense farm. He idolized his eldest brother, Bark Jr., and the two were almost inseparable. When Buzz was around fifteen years of age, he experienced his first tragedy. He had begged Bark Jr. to take him along on an ice-fishing trip, and finally he consented. While carefully traversing a frozen river, the two spotted an Elf. Buzz was fascinated by the strange being, and asked Bark Jr. to introduce him. The elder brother agreed and followed the Elf into a nearby forest. An hour passed, and Buzz began to fear for his brother. He followed Bark Jr.’s tracks, and found his brother dead, an Elven arrow in his side. This scarred Buzz deeply, and to this day he has trouble speaking of Bark Jr. The Elf who is believed to have committed the murder has never been found, or even identified.

The loss of Bark Jr. devastated the entire Burrfoot clan. Since Buzz was the middle child, he got a bit lost in the shuffle. He began to crave attention, and started acting out. He noticed that stealing things gave him personal satisfaction and attention, so he made a habit of it. After a time he honed his skill and noticed he seemed to have a natural gift for thievery.

At the tender age of 32, Buzz decided to leave the Grove. The memory of Bark Jr. was everywhere he looked, and the thought that he may have caused his brother’s death wracked him with guilt. His older brother Buck coped with the loss by tormenting Buzz every chance he got, and this coupled with his grief was more than enough to make Buzz strike out on his own. This caused an upheaval, both in his home and in the larger community; No Burrfoot had left the Grove for a hundred years. Buzz was unsure of what he hoped to find in the unfamiliar wild outside of Tylandale, but he could no longer find a reason to stay. His parents were devastated by his choice.

Briarwick Hollow and Beyond

Buzz first traveled north, but avoided the immense Chalu Forest populated by the reclusive Elven race. Instead, he ventured westward and eventually reached the small community of Briarwick Hollow. It was here that Buzz met Gai’tan Shadowstar, and the two quickly bonded, despite their vastly different backgrounds. Together they stormed an ancient Goblin keep located west of the settlement. Buzz also met Abbiel, a cleric who, at the behest of Father Silvercrab, briefly joined Buzz and Gai’tan on their quest to bring down the darkness plaguing Aelyndia.

After leaving Briarwick Hollow, Buzz set off on his own for the small town of Dunnel. Buzz would come to loathe the town. He was soon accompanied by Zaranthar the Magnificent, an eccentric wizard. It was also in Dunnel that Buzz met Novan Beregoth, a brave Dwarf who Buzz would quickly learn to respect, and Durgan Ombrose, an Elf. Buzz instantly regarded Durgan with suspicion, but over time reluctantly began trusting the Elf and now regards him as a friend and ally. Buzz would also later meet Brell Stormforge, who would agree to join the party, and the noble Artumyn, with whom Buzz shared an immediate connection. Artumyn was a member of the First Guardians, and has played an enormous role in the party’s quest.

While in Dunnel, Buzz also encountered Uri Clearwater for the first time. Uri used Buzz to rob his father and acquire one of the Ancient Relics, not that Buzz was aware of this at the time. Buzz hated him for this, and privately swore an oath of vengeance. Halflings are a hard folk to anger, but they know how to hold a grudge.

With the dangers encountered at Pendor Keep, and troubling encounters with Uri Clearwater, the widow Ara Wicklow, and Drake and Darana Stoneseeker, Buzz was more than ready to put Dunnel behind him. Receiving another cryptic message from Artumyn, Buzz planned to travel south to the city of Oris.

Oris and the Divorn Mountains

While in Oris, Buzz met the love of his life, Miss Polly. She was working as a prostitute in the Dancing Bear Inn, where Buzz, Gai’tan, Durgan and Brell were staying. Despite only meeting her the once, Buzz has declared his undying love for her on multiple occasions. Also while in Oris, Buzz met the other love of his life, Claws the Mighty, a bear. Thanks to a ring given to him by Artumyn, Claws and Buzz became instant companions for life. They’re inseparable, and have saved each other countless times. During their stay in Oris a new member of the party was added, a mysterious man named Jayce Alirum, towards whom Buzz was sure how he felt. Buzz also bought himself a pony, a beautiful black mare named Brindle.

During their stay in Oris, it was revealed that the evil wizard Baa’lam, a servant of Ala’shar, had placed a curse on Buzz and was able to take possession of his body for limited amounts of time. Artumyn informed them that the only person capable of removing said curse would be Furor Bloodiron, an ancient Dwarf of incredible power. The party made their way to Bloodiron’s home in the Divorn Mountains. After a great struggle, Baa’lam possessed Buzz for a final time. The wizard forced him over the edge of a pit, killing him. The rest of the party was able to rescue his body from the Troll waiting below. With his final breath, Bloodiron was able to mend Buzz’s broken body and return him to the land of the living. Buzz has sworn vengeance on Baa’lam for using him and ultimately taking his life.

After this, the party came across the small town of Trail’s End. This was an odd town for many reasons, chief among them being the presence of the Hag known as Alisa. Hags and Halflings have a very rough history together, and Buzz was terrified the entire time he was around her. It was revealed that this particular Hag had been the one to kill Talen Longfoot, a Halfling folk hero and personal idol of Buzz’s. Through the Hag’s request, Buzz faced his fear of Trolls and was able to overcome it. He also received his beloved Sling of Seeking and Elven chain mail.

Aekia and the Brotherhood of Vahl

Just before he died, Bloodiron revealed his Ancient Relic was hidden in the lake town of Aekia. Buzz believed Baa’lam might have overheard this, and could be on his way to claim the Relic himself. Spurred on by this fear, the party quickly reached the city. Along the way they met Ezera, an Elven lazz who would come to join their party.

Many important things happened in Aekia; first, Buzz learned that the Grove had been attacked, and much of it had been burned to the ground. This devastated him. He swore and oath that he would hunt down those responsible and make them pay. Gai’tan, having experienced something similar in his own past, promised to help. After a great battle with the Brotherhood of Vahl, a cult which held Aekia captive, and a confrontation with Baa’lam himself, the party was successful in retrieving another of the Ancient Relics. Buzz was able to save several townspeople before the Temple the Brotherhood had taken control of was destroyed, but the events of that night have scarred him for life. Artumyn opened a portal so the party could escape the Temple as it was being destroyed by the Blue Lady, and he led them through an ancient magical doorway which lead to the Crystal Tower. It was revealed that this would be their new home and base of operations, if they wanted it to be. Along the way they picked up Tristan, a young boy who had been kind to them in Aekia and had no family of his own. Not wanting him to be injured during the revolution that was waging in the city streets, Buzz pulled him onto Claws’ back and the party set off for the Tower.

Sword’s Crossing and the Return to Tylandale

With the knowledge that his homeland had been attacked and countless fears and doubts hanging over him, Buzz entered a very dark period in his life. Following the events in Aekia, the party required time to rest and heal before moving on to Tylandale. Buzz used this time to train relentlessly. He practiced his swordsmanship and dagger throwing, poured over the countless books found in the Tower in the hopes of gleaning some insight that might come in handy later and took it upon himself to train Tristan in basic self defense. It had been decided that the boy would stay in the Tower and tend to the excess horses that were being kept there, and Buzz felt that Tristan should at least be able to defend himself. He gave the boy his old sling and one of his daggers after training him in their uses. During this time Buzz also began a training regiment with Claws, adding two new commands to the Bear’s repertoire. As of now, Buzz has successfully taught Claws “stay”, “attack”, “guard” and “follow”.

Once the party had regained its strength and was ready to move on, they headed south to the town of Sword’s Crossing. It would be impossible to reach Tylandale without first passing through this neighboring town, and Buzz hoped he might be able to hear some news of his home here.

The Vampire and the Tournament

Buzz Burrfoot

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