Brindle Burrfoot

A noble pony with a brave heart.


Brindle is a jet black mare bought by Buzz in the city of Oris.


Little is known of Brindle’s mysterious past. Buzz Burrfoot bought her from a reputable horseman in the city of Oris, and she’s served him well since. But what came before for her, none may know. In keeping the the Burrfoot family tradition, a “B” name was neccesary for the pony, and Brindle seemed to suit her just fine.

Since, if given the option, Buzz will more often than not choose to ride Claws, Brindle often ends up carrying supplies or packs instead of riders. This does not seem to bother her, as she never shows any signs of disgruntlement or frustration.

Buzz has treated her well in their time together, and she seems affectionate of him. She and Claws often play together, though Buzz usually has to step in when Claws gets a little too rowdy. Brindle is currently enjoying her time at the Crystal Tower stables, being cared for by Tristan and enjoying the finest hay.

Brindle Burrfoot

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