Alisa (The Hag)

An ancient Hag of terrible power.


The party first encountered the Hag in the settlement known as Trail’s End. Despite a tumultuous past with the settlement, she and the town had reached a sort of equilibrium at the time of the party’s arrival.

Trail’s End

The age of the Hag is known to no one, save perhaps the Hag herself. It is not known from where she or her sisters originated, but for quite some time the three of them lived in a cave system just outside of Trail’s End. Inside their subterranean home, the Coven harvested the blood of trolls to achieve incredible longevity.

The Coven lived in these caves for decades, and seemed to be at peace. They feasted on halflings and caused mischief, but otherwise seemed to keep to themselves. Unfortunately, this could not last. Riza the Risen and his horde of gnolls had managed to get their paws on their own troll, and they used it to infiltrate the Hags’ home. During the ensuing struggle, both of Alisa’s sisters were killed.

The Shack, the Paladins and the Party

Grieving the loss of her beloved sisters and not desiring to face Riza’s forces alone, the Hag retreated to an island in a lake near Trail’s End. Despite having more than enough power to level the entire settlement, Alisa instead chose to help the people of Trail’s End. She provided them all with special medallions, through which she could peer.

Being virtually powerless compared to her, the settlement chose to live and let live. That was, until two paladins arrived. The young duo was on a crusade, eliminating anything evil they happened upon. They set their eyes on the Hag and made their way to her island. She destroyed them and threw their bodies in her lake. Enraged that the people of Trail’s End had done nothing to stop the paladins, she decided to teach them all a lesson. She summoned a murder of crows so vast it blocked out the sun, and the birds feasted on the settlements crops. Without this supply of food, many died. From then on, most villagers refused to speak of the Hag; they wore her medallions and accepted her help, but did their best not to think of her.

Eventually, the party arrived at Trail’s End. Sensing their power, the Hag took an interest in the travelers. She seemed especially interested in Gai’tan Shadowstar; taking the form of a beautiful green-eyed woman, she met him on the edge of the lake while he was secretly teaching himself to swim. She informed him that he should practice swimming in his armor, advice which would save his life. Later, taking the form of a white, green-eyed raven, she sought out the party as a whole. She lead them back to her shack, where they struck a deal. She proposed that, if the party cleared out her former home, the caves, and harvested the blood of the trolls who now lived there , she would reward them with fabulous gifts. The party fulfilled its end of the bargain, and in time the Hag fulfilled hers. To Gai’tan, she gave the magical Sun Blades of the fallen paladins. To Brell Stormforge, she gifted some of the gathered troll’s blood, along with a recipe enabling the dwarf to brew a healing potion. To Buzz Burrfoot, she gave Elven chain mail and a magical Sling of Seeking, both of which had belonged to Talen Longfoot, a Halfling folk hero and personal idol of Buzz’s. To Claws the Mighty, she gave a Collar of Human Illusion, which when worn would give the bear the appearance of a man. To Durgan Ombrose, she gifted a magical Rope of Climbing, capable of amazing feats. To Jayce Alirum, she gave a magical Ring of Protection.

Little did the party know, the Hag had used fowl magic to reincarnate her sisters. Through a complicated ritual, she was able to impregnate a local woman with a set of twins. She placed the souls of her sisters into these unborn babes, and waited. When the caves were clear, she took the girls and the three of them began their new Coven. With the supply of troll’s blood the party provided, they’re all sure to last quite a long time.


During their struggles with the Brotherhood of Vahl in Aekia, Buzz and Durgan each saw an image of the Hag. The two of them were able to take part in the Second Challenge of the Temple, during which they were forced to face their fears. After first seeing each of their fathers die in an enchanted mirror, they were assaulted by an old foe; Durgan found himself face to face with Fenwick Gont‘s scarecrow, and Buzz found himself re-assaulted by an enormous spider he’d first met in the cave near Trail’s End. It seemed Alisa herself had orchestrated this attack, but this was later revealed to be an illusion, fueled by the fear of the Hag that the Elf and the Halfling shared.

Alisa (The Hag)

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