A young cleric from Silverhaven, with bravery and heart that defies her appearance.


Abbiel grew up amid the elite in the city of Silverhaven far to the west of Aelyndia, but found herself dispatched to the small mountain community of Briarwick Hollow while engaged in holy studies. This assignment was likely given to provide contrast to the haughty young lady’s societal expectations. While in Briarwick Hollow, Abbiel served in the temple of Father Silvercrab, another outsider from a coastal town.

In the mountain town, Abbiel met Buzz Burrfoot and Gai’tan Shadowstar, and assisted the duo with several trials, including the elimination of a band of goblins and a terrifying werewolf. After these troubling events, and the whispering of the dark name of Alashar, Abbiel returned to her home in Silverhaven to seek further learning. If the party ever finds itself in this city, it is sure to find an ally as well.


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